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The .ren and .fans Registry Operator – Internet Domain Name System National Engineering Center Ltd. (ZDNS) is a high-tech enterprise incubated and participated by Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences in order to realize the industrialization of scientific and technological results via market mechanism and promote the development of domain name industry.
As a technology and market-oriented company, ZDNS is focusing on providing the state-of-art domain products and services with its expanding global network of distribution channel. With over 20 years domain industry experience, ZDNS supports the technical and business operation for over 50 Top Level Domains, achieving over 7 Million domain registrations under the management of our registry platform.
.fans 运营团队集成国家域名服务 17 年运营团队及泛娱乐传媒运营专家团队。皆在国家建设网络强国战略背景下,为中国企业提供更专业的顶级域名服务,为中国企业争取更优质的全球域名资源。
Executive Team
.fans 运营团队集成国家域名服务 17 年运营团队及泛娱乐传媒运营专家团队。皆在国家建设网络强国战略背景下,为中国企业提供更专业的顶级域名服务,为中国企业争取更优质的全球域名资源。
Dr. Mao Wei
Board Chairman
Xing Zhijie (Bill)
Chief Executive Officer
Feng Shuo (Sophia)
Senior Director
Dr. Mao Wei is the pioneer and expert with over 20 years’ experience in China domain name industry. In 1996, he was the deputy director of Network Engineering Lab of CNIC and team leader of NIC. From June 1997 to December 2010, he established and served as the Director-General of CNNIC. He designed and established the ccTLD.CN domain name service management system. Currently, Mao Wei is the Vice President of the Internet Society of China and a member of Advisory Committee for State Information.
Xing Zhijie graduated from Tsinghua University in 2006 with two Master’s Degrees respectively in Computer Technology and Business Administration. He is one of the founders of ZDNS and a technical expert and senior engineer in national Internet fundamental resources field. He has led the company growing from about 20 to 200 employees in 6 years recently and achieving significant growth in terms of revenues and profitability.
Feng Shuo graduated from Groningen University of the Netherlands with a Master degree of International Economic and Business. She has over 10 years’ working experience in IT storage and domain industry. Prior to joining ZDNS, she was the sales operation manager for NetApp Europe in Amsterdam. In ZDNS, she is the key project director and leading the TLD business division team to support over 50+ TLDs technical and business operation in China market and globally. She now oversees the business operation, market development as well as the ICANN related policy activities.
Operation Team
.fans 运营团队集成国家域名服务 17 年运营团队及泛娱乐传媒运营专家团队。皆在国家建设网络强国战略背景下,为中国企业提供更专业的顶级域名服务,为中国企业争取更优质的全球域名资源。
Chu Xiao
Market Director
Jiang Yunqian (Shark)
.Fans Operation Manager
Liu Hongyu (Catherine)
International Key Account Director
Chu Xiao is a highly experience marketeer with over 10 years outstanding career in B2B industry branding and marketing related functions. Prior to joining ZDNS, he serves as the senior manager and director in several fast-growing enterprises including China South Industries Group, Sugon (603019), Meituan Dianping and JD Group. He led the Solar Decathlon (SD) project initiated by The United States Department of Energy and introducing Chinese project for the first time. In addition, Chu has participated in the marketing project of major national events such as Earth Simulator, FAST and general secretary’s visit to the US. He also planned Meituan Cloud AI Summit, 717 Take-away Food Deliverymen Festival and JD Cloud 618 Campaign.
More than 6 years of working experience in the entertainment industry
Worked for Yahoo Entertainment, Fengxing Studio, JUMEI, to be responsible for entertainment related jobs.
Several hotspot marketing entertainment events have been planned with high sensitivity to the entertainment.
Being good at exchange of media resources with abundant media resources.
Liu Hongyu graduated from University of Birmingham in the UK with Master degree of International Business. She worked in Samsung PengTai to take charge of expansion of key client maintenance and international business, especially exploring Lazada business in Southeast Asia and serving the projects of several groups such as Delonghi Group and Vinda. Moreover, she participated in Tmall & International Olympic Committee (IOC) Project as the main communication director in 2018.
Contact Information: Tel:010-58812426 Business Complaint Address:2nd Floor, Building 1, No.4 ZhongGuanCun NanSiJie, Haidian, Beijing, China (100190)
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